Boomy (Proposal)




November 2023
🇺🇸 USA
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Unlocking Creativity, Unmasking User Friction

Making music with Boomy's AI should be a dream, not a struggle. But some parts of the experience needed a tune-up to truly unlock user creativity. We stepped in, analyzing the journey from beginner to hitmaker and tackling the roadblocks to musical expression.


Uncork the magic of Boomy by:

  • Identifying UX friction: Through comprehensive UX audits, we pinpointed pain points impacting user flow and enjoyment.
  • Competitive analysis: We studied rival platforms to understand market trends and user expectations.
  • New Design System: We envisioned a flexible, clear system reflecting the AI revolution at Boomy's core.
  • Easy-to-follow Process: We streamlined the user journey, simplifying navigation and showcasing capabilities transparently.


Landing Page Reimagined: We transformed the landing page into a captivating, informative launchpad for musical adventures.

Onboarding Redefined: We separated onboarding from the main experience, ensuring a focused and engaging introduction.

Dashboard Demystified: We designed a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard, putting all options and resources at the artist's fingertips.

The Outcome? A great improvement. Smooth onboarding welcomes new users, the intuitive dashboard empowers music-making, and the revamped landing page attracts a broader audience. Boomy's creative spirit can now truly sing, thanks to a seamless user experience that inspires and delights.

Beyond Aesthetics: Design that works for real users.

Tired of marketing websites that are all style and no substance? we believe effective websites go beyond just looking good. They're built on a foundation of understanding your customers needs, using those insights to craft experiences that truly resonate and drive results. Our approach is simple: research, design, and data-driven optimization.

“It was a pleasure working with Toro Design Studio on our Fabulae Wine NYC website was a fantastic experience. Juan's talent and dedication truly shone throughout the project. Our new website not only reflects our brand perfectly but also offers a seamless experience”.

Antonio Masiello

Fabulae Wine