Es Metals

Custom facades fabricator

Tecnoglass Inc.
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I worked in the design and development of the new website for one of the leading companies in the customization of facades through metal and construction of large-scale projects around the world. In the process, it was decided to provide differential through a modern design together with the development of a product management system with smart filters for internal administration and use by the company’s commercial team.

Launch Project.
Screenshot of the designs for the web of Es Metals

Careful designing

Screenshot of two portfolio visual in the Es Metals website
Modern approach for projects portfolio.
3D Render of aEs Metals project
Renders 3D for a brand consistency approach.
Construction icon
Clean and light typography.
Architectural outlines
Illustrations for express Creative process
Es Metals logo

convenience, sales

Mockup of main website page of Es Metals inside of a iMac