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UX design
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As one of the relevant ventures in the Campania region of Italy, FABULAE WINE is a leader in the wine market of origin. In order to increase exposure and support the introduction to the New York City market, our task was to develop a site with an elegant and contemporary style that would showcase the different types of wine that the company has. We closely follow the recommendations of Fabulae Wine’s Italian specialists, to demonstrate the benefits of production and make clear distinctions between wine types.

Launch Project.
screenshot of a wine from fabulae

Careful designing

Screenshot logo Fabulae
Strong brand identity of a Italy Wines From the Old world
Graphic design screen of Eduardo Aglianico Wine
Assets careful designed showing Brand guidelines
Mobile screenshot of website
Clean and minimal mobile first designs
Screenshot of design system for web page of Fabulae
Style Guide and design system
Screenshot of a view for the wines in website
Style Guide and design system

convenience, sales

Mockup of a MacBook Air with the website