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Miel Interiors Corp.
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We work hand in hand with the Miel Interiors team from the sketching and conceptualization of its business, I designed the entire concept of the brand from its personality to user manuals, stationery, with the aim of entering the market for this new startup based in Boca Raton, Florida. The process included the design of the new corporate website with the implementation of the entire visual identity.

Launch Project.
Screenshot arts from Miel Interiors brand design

Careful designing

Miel Interiors logo
The construction of the logo was done with 45º right angles and diagonals, this reflects strength and forcefulness
Screenshot of the home page of Miel Interiors
Modern approach for minimalistic Design website
Iphones mockups scene
Responsive design for outstanding presentation
Screenshot of folder and bill designs of Miel Interiors
Minimal and clean Branding designs
Screenshot of the Business Cards of Miel Interiors

convenience, sales

Screenshot of the section About Us from Miel Interiors website