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July 2023 - Ongoing
🇨🇴 Colombia
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From Facade to Finish, Now Smoother Than Ever

EsMetals leader in architectural systems, isn't just about crafting stunning facades; they're about orchestrating a seamless journey from project start to finish. We partnered with Boston Project to streamline ESMetals' commercial lifecycle, creating a powerful new software that empowers their sales team and simplifies every step of the building process.


Transform ESMetals' operations by:

  • Breaking Down Silos: Eliminate the friction between development and implementation. We used Figma to rapidly prototype features, enabling agile adjustments and a 90% visual match to the final product, ensuring a smooth transition from design to development.
  • One Platform, One Process: Consolidate multiple systems into a single, user-friendly platform. From initial inquiries and sales to material delivery and invoicing, everything flows seamlessly within the software, providing complete visibility and control for all stakeholders.
  • Mobile Connection: Extend reach and improve communication with a custom-built iOS/Android chat app. Stay connected with clients and project teams on the go, ensuring real-time updates and efficient project management.

Building a Powerful Software :

  • Functionality Boost: We designed and implemented five essential new modules:
  • Stock Room: Track inventory levels and optimize material management.
  • Purchasing: Streamline material procurement with automated workflows.
  • Work Order: Manage project tasks and team assignments effortlessly.
  • Invoicing: Generate and send invoices quickly and accurately.
  • Mobile Chat App: Foster real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Designed for Ease: Utilizing Vuetify and Material Design principles, we built a robust and intuitive interface. Strong design components and a consistent user experience make navigating the software effortless for everyone involved.
  • Speed & Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and Figma-powered prototyping led to a 20x increase in ESMetals' team productivity. They ditched outdated software and third-party apps, unifying their entire process under one powerful platform.


Outcome: Building Brilliance, Effortlessly. The new software has transformed ESMetals' operations, eliminating friction, boosting productivity by 20x, and providing invaluable business insights. Now, their sales team can focus on what they do best - building breathtaking facades and shaping architectural masterpieces, all supported by a seamless and efficient digital companion.

Beyond Aesthetics: Design that works for real users.

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“It was a pleasure working with Toro Design Studio on our Fabulae Wine NYC website was a fantastic experience. Juan's talent and dedication truly shone throughout the project. Our new website not only reflects our brand perfectly but also offers a seamless experience”.

Antonio Masiello

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