Superior Plus Propane


Oil and Gas


July 2023
🇺🇸 USA
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Empowering Field Teams, Streamlining Service

Leading North American provider, thanks to their revolutionary new web and mobile app duo. We partnered with Superior Plus to create a powerful digital solution that simplifies operations, reduces phone support, and equips field teams with the knowledge and resources they need to shine.

Their phone lines buzzed with service calls, and field operators juggled tasks without a centralized knowledge base. We partnered with them to propose to build a game-changing web and mobile app duo, empowering field teams, streamlining operations, and leaving phone support breathing a sigh of relief.


Transform Superior Plus Propane's service landscape by:

  • Empowering Field Teams: Develop a user-friendly mobile app specifically designed for non-tech-savvy operators. Clear layouts, large buttons, and intuitive workflows guide them through tasks confidently, minimizing the need for phone support.
  • Knowledge is Power: Build a comprehensive library of video tutorials and documents covering common troubleshooting scenarios, installations, and problem-solving techniques. Operators can access this invaluable resource directly in the field, tackling issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Admin Advantage: Equip administrators with a dedicated web app for managing the entire knowledge base. They can create new modules, update videos, and even administer knowledge tests to assess operator understanding, ensuring everyone stays sharp and up-to-date.


Building a Winning Formula::

  • Deep Dive: We began with a thorough UX audit and research, pinpointing operator pain points and crafting a user experience tailored to their needs. The focus was on simplicity, clear instructions, and readily available resources.
  • Design System: We established a robust design system in Figma, ensuring consistency across both the mobile and desktop apps. This streamlined communication and created a user-friendly experience for everyone.
  • Rapid Prototyping: By building a high-fidelity prototype covering 60% of the app's functionality, we allowed Superior Plus to test our hypothesis and solutions early on, leading to valuable feedback and ongoing refinements.
  • We implemented a knowledge assessment system to evaluate operator proficiency in each module, driving focused learning and targeted company-wide improvements.

Beyond Aesthetics: Design that works for real users.

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